What if Debugging was Easier?

We just made it a lot easier to prototype with DocRaptor! We’ve implemented a new feature that will email errors to you when a PDF or XLS file fails to generate as expected. This feature makes it simpler for new users to implement high quality PDF and Excel generation, as well as helping our established users deal with unexpected problems.

Here’s an example of what these emails look like:

Sample Error Email

We include the error DocRaptor returned as well as a link to the document log for the failed document. By clicking through, you’ll see all the information we have for that document, including any problems or errors in DocRaptor’s attempt to create it.

All new users will automatically be opted in to receive error emails, but existing users will have to opt in. Or maybe you already receive a ton of email, and this feature isn’t super helpful to you. It’s easy enough to turn off. You can make your selection by clicking the “Edit Profile” link in your account dashboard. Behold:

My Profile Page With Error Email Opt In

That’s all there is to it! This feature will notify you when something breaks in production, reduce the time spent on debugging, and make it easier for our support team to assist you if you get stuck.