Using the DocRaptor HTML-to-PDF API for Book and eBook Publishing

Ullstein is a German book publisher and part of the Swedish Media Group Bonnier SA. One of their international bestsellers was Gut by Guila Enders. Every year they publish around 350 new printed books and 500 e-books. They also maintain a book review platform in both German (Vorablesen) and English (BookishFirst).

Here’s what they said when we asked them about their experience with the DocRaptor API:

How do you use DocRaptor?
We automated our typesetting process with a Word-to-HTML. Once in HTML, we need to create a PDF to provide the printers for producing our books.

Did you consider other document tools beside DocRaptor? Why did you select DocRaptor?
Yes, we did. But most of the other PDF tools are meant for use on local machines or need a server license. We are building our workflow software on cloud technology and DocRaptor fits perfectly within our cloud infrastructure.

How easy or hard was it to get started with DocRaptor?
Damn easy. And we like the online try-out-mode for fiddling around with DocRaptor.

Have you interacted with the DocRaptor support team? How was it?
Yeah, we had some tricky problems and the support team helped us within a day. That’s great.

What would you tell someone who was considering using DocRaptor?
For us, DocRaptor is the perfect solution to get our automated typesetting workflow started quickly, easily, and affordably.

Thanks to Ullstein and their development consultant, Sven Wolfermann, for sharing their DocRaptor experience!