Why Social Ink loves DocRaptor’s HTML-to-PDF API

Social Ink is a full-service graphic and web design and development shop in the middle of Brooklyn’s tech triangle. For almost 12 years they’ve worked with nonprofit, social justice, and educational organizations who do good work in NYC, the US, and internationally. Here’s what they had to say about DocRaptor:

How do you use DocRaptor?

We came to DocRaptor initially for PDF generation for our internal project management system. We create proposals, invoices and other internal and external documents through our system and generate PDFs which are then either emailed or printed as necessary. We also use PDFs for clients who need to generate filled out forms or on-the-fly reports for site usage.

Why did you pick DocRaptor’s API over other alternatives?

We considered some open-source libraries (such as TCPDF) and explored a few other commercial solutions. Ultimately DocRaptor’s pricing, documentation, and excellent testing/sandboxing capabilities sold us. You also have great libraries across most of the programming languages we used, which was a great motivator for us.

What was your setup experience like with DocRaptor?

Very easy. Your tutorials are solid, your documentation is well written – with a human language touch – and the support/chat seems personal and not automated. Whenever we had questions, we could either refer to your documentation or quickly find the answer on StackOverflow.

How were your interactions with the DocRaptor support team?

A few times – through the chat/support feature and once about billing. Smooth and quick the whole time.

What would you tell someone who was considering using DocRaptor?

Do it! The team there does great work, makes you feel like you’re being supported, and doesn’t come off like a generic fly by night “2.0 startup” venture.

Big thanks to Yoni Reinberg of Social Ink for sharing his experience with the DocRaptor team!