Saying Goodbye to the First DocRaptor Pipelines

DocRaptor is over 10 years old, and we’ve supported our original Pipeline version for the last 10 years, by running it side by side with later releases. Our newer Pipelines include many upgrades and bug fixes, including CSS Flexbox support. 

As we look forward to Pipeline 8, it’s clear that supporting those early Pipelines is no longer practical.

For a little trip down memory lane, here’s the date each of our Pipelines became generally available:

  • Pipeline 1: May 2010
  • Pipeline 2: July 2012
  • Pipeline 3: July 2013
  • Pipeline 4: July 2015
  • Pipeline 5: November 2016
  • Pipeline 6: February 2017
  • Pipeline 7: October 2018

On November 30th 2020, we will be disabling Pipelines 1 through 5. Most customers have already upgraded to 6 or 7, but if you have not you have already been contacted by our support team. Documents that work on Pipeline 1 will work on Pipeline 7, but there may be some rendering differences that need to be worked out. To try the newer Pipelines to work out any issues, you can use the pipeline option.  Once you’ve got everything working the way you want, you can update your default Pipeline on the settings page, and you’re all set.  As always, please contact us at if you have any questions or need help with your documents.