RAZUR Case Study

We’ve recently been working with a client who needed to implement dynamic PDF generation across multiple marketing pages. This was an interesting use for DocRaptor, and we thought it was a great opportunity for a case study. Chris Merkle, CEO of RAZUR, was kind enough to share his story with us.

Client: RAZUR


RAZUR was in the market for an HTML to PDF solution for their Client, an industry-leading managed security service provider. After reviewing multiple options, including developing their own PHP-based web solution, RAZUR choose DocRaptor.

“Our development team choose DocRaptor because it was cost-effective and allowed us to rapidly roll-out a solution for our Client,” says Chris Merkle, CEO of RAZUR.

The goal was to dynamically generate marketing collateral from content that was already stored in a content management system, without having to change static PDFs every few weeks.


By using DocRaptor’s URL-based solution and a highly-customized CSS3 stylesheet RAZUR was able to create a flexible template that would scale across 25+ marketing web pages. Hidden HTML “div” tags were used as wrappers to dynamically include “About Us” content, custom call-outs and page titles while adhering to the Client’s strict brand guideline.


RAZUR’s Client is now able to provide their sales team and website visitors with elegant, always up-to-date PDF brochures with the click of a button. By using DocRaptor to generate PDF files, RAZUR was able to create a solution that saved hundreds of hours of content design; the Client no longer had to make changes to the slew of marketing collateral every time the web content changed.

We’re always happy to help developers implement DocRaptor. Our goal is to make it simple to convert HTML to PDF and Excel, and it’s great to hear from satisfied clients like RAZUR.

Do you have an interesting DocRaptor implementation story? Contact us if you’d like to share!