Our New Help Request Feature

Let’s talk about our new help request feature!

Here’s what a typical support request chain looks like: a user has a problem, and emails support. We receive the email, then request extra information, usually a doc log ID and the input HTML. The user provides this information, and then we can start solving the problem. This means a lot of back and forth emails between a user and a friendly dinosaur.

We wanted to simplify this support process, and make it easier for you to send us the information we need to help troubleshoot a problem document.

Setting “help” to “true” when you make your POST request automatically opens a ticket and sends us your document log, input HTML and generated document. You’ll get a confirmation email, and we’ll be able to start working on your ticket a lot more quickly.

Here’s our documentation for making a help request.

Don’t worry – you can still contact us the old fashioned way if you prefer. We love talking to you guys!