Making Printable PDFs Just Got Easier

We’ve recently made some changes to DocRaptor that make it much easier to generate easily printed PDFs: fully customizable crop marks and transparency support for TIFF images!

You can now completely customize the length and offset of your crop marks, allowing you to create a trim area on each PDF that will match printer specifications exactly. Custom dimensions for crop marks are set using two new CSS selectors: prince-mark-length and prince-mark-offset.

TIFF files with transparency are supported now, in both CMYKA and RGBA color.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use these features when generating PDFs!

A PDF with customized crop marks

The default length of crop marks is set to 24pt, and customizing this value with CSS is easy. The syntax looks like:

prince-mark-length: length

Here’s a sample rule, setting the length of crop marks to 30pt:

@page { prince-mark-length: 30pt; }

Not surprisingly, customizing the distance between your crop marks and your trim box is easy, too:

prince-mark-offset: auto | [ length ] {1..4}

A sample integration might look like this, setting the offset between crop marks and the page to 6pts:

@page { prince-mark-offset: 6pt; }

You don’t have to do anything fancy with CSS to add transparency support for TIFF files. Transparency is set when you create the TIFF file, and DocRaptor will respect your wishes when you send the HTML document our way.

We created a sample PDF with customized crop marks to show you how this looks. This PDF also shows off transparency support for a TIFF file, and you can grab the source HTML for this generated PDF.

We’re always working to improve DocRaptor, so keep your eyes peeled for more feature updates!