Happy Birthday, DocRaptor!

Happy Birthday, DocRaptor!

Your favorite PDF and XLS generation service turned five years old today! Five years is a LONG time on the internet, and we realized we’d never told DocRaptor’s origin story.


Take a trip with us, into the past. The year was 2010, and Expected Behavior was a younger company. We were busy with consulting work, and we’d added HTML to PDF creation to several applications for our clients. If you’ve ever tried to add PDF generation to an application yourself, you have some idea of how painful this can be.

“Would this be a useful service?” we asked. “If we made an API for PDF generation, would people pay for it?”

We set out to answer these questions, and we built the first version of DocRaptor in a weekend. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, V. 1 DocRaptor looked something like this:

DocRaptor's home page in 2010

But it worked, and people liked it. Our first paying customer, Tinderbox, signed up less than a month after we launched. They’re still with us, and they’re still creating great looking proposals, contracts, and sales documents for their own clients.

We’ve learned a lot in the last 5 years. We’ve helped thousands of companies add reliable PDF and XLS creation to their own applications, reduce their infrastructure costs, and deliver beautiful documents to their customers. We’ve made a lot of good friends, all over the world.

So far this year, thousands of businesses have relied on DocRaptor to generate millions of PDF and XLS documents. The infrastructure work we did last summer improved our generation time per document, and made it a lot easier for us to scale to meet growing demand for document creation.

Five years is a long time on the internet, and we can’t wait to see what the next five years brings.