Drupal PDF Generator – HTML to PDF Module

Creating PDFs with Drupal is now effortless with the DocRaptor Drupal PDF add-on for the Print module. DocRaptor is a commercial HTML to PDF API built specifically for making PDFs. Advantages of using DocRaptor over using open-source libraries include:

  • Support & Document Log: PDF generation is tricky, especially with parsing engines that are designed for making web pages, not PDFs. DocRaptor support will help you debug any styling issues and our built-in logging makes it easy to detect problems with HTML parsing or Javascript execution.
  • Maintenance Free: wkhtmltopdf and other open-source libraries are notoriously fickle to install and maintain. DocRaptor has guaranteed uptime, unlimited throughput, and never requires any maintenance.
  • Document Quality & Size: Generally speaking, DocRaptor will create smaller files than wkhtmltopdf or other WebKit-based projects, especially with more complex or larger documents.
  • CSS Paged Media Support: Page numbers, headers and footers, and customized page sizes can be added right in your CSS.

The DocRaptor API is used in many different projects including:

  • Invoices & Estimates
  • Reports (we support JavaScript charts)
  • Brochures (we support custom web fonts)
  • eBooks (hundred of pages? lots of images? no problem!)

We also owe a big thanks to Colorado Springs-based Monarch Digital. They built and support the DocRaptor Drupal PDF add-on for their own usage, but have opened it up to the larger Drupal community. If you need any assistance with Drupal websites, look them up.