Convert HTML5 to PDF with DocRaptor!

DocRaptor is now running Prince 9.0 in production, which adds full HTML5 support, better CSS3 support and faster Javascript. Many of our users have asked about support for HTML5 (the canvas element in particular) and we’re excited about this update.

All new accounts will default to using Prince 9.0. If you’re an existing user and you’d like to add HTML5 elements to your PDFs, you’ll need to log in and update your default Prince version setting. You can find this option under “Edit Profile” in your Account Dashboard.

Selecting Prince 9 as your default

Be aware that updating your Prince version may break your existing styles, and you may need to do a bit of tweaking to get HTML5 elements working with templates created prior to this update. Don’t worry! You can test Prince 9.0 by setting this optional parameter when creating a PDF: Prince Version

While support for HTML5 and the canvas element are the most exciting parts of this deploy, Prince 9.0 is a big update and brings a lot of new features and bug fixes to our service. You can read through the entire change set here:

Prince 9.0 change set

Want to see what kind of output you can expect with DocRaptor? Take a look at some sample documents on Prince’s website:

Sample generated PDFs

As always, let us know if you run into any problems, or need a hand!