Author: Nathan Acuff

DocRaptor PDF Engine Updated to Prince 11.2

Today we are releasing the latest update to DocRaptor’s PDF engine; Pipeline 6 is now on Prince 11.2.  This upgrade is the new default and anyone using Pipeline 6 will begin using the new version automatically.  New improvements with this release include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Much improved Opacity support for CSS
  • New @prince-overlay @page region for use with watermarks and other overlays
  • Support for SVG masks
  • Substantial improvements to the Prince JavaScript engine
  • Various CSS and SVG bug fixes and performance enhancements

You can read the full Prince 11.2 release notes here.  .. Continue Reading

Upgraded HTML to PDF Rendering Engine: Prince 11

We’ve just released support for Prince 11, latest version of the engine we use for rendering HTML to PDF. To upgrade, you’ll need to use DocRaptor Pipeline #6.

You can change your default pipeline in your account settings page, or via the pipeline parameter in your API calls. Using the account setting is more convenient, while the parameter lets you test your documents before upgrading your entire account... Continue Reading

HTML to PDF with Delayed & Asynchronous JavaScript

One of the most common documents generated by DocRaptor is a report, and what’s a report without an eye-catching chart or two? We’ve long supported charting libraries, like HighCharts, but today we’re taking another big (yet surprisingly simple) step forward with our HTML to PDF engine.

Modern JavaScript involves fetching assets asynchronously, filling in data as it arrives, and doing post-render transformations as needed by the page... Continue Reading

Fine-Tuning Your Document Storage

If you’ve visited DocRaptor in the last few days, you probably noticed that we updated our privacy policy. Specifically, we’ve changed one line to reflect new options in how we store your documents.  Prior to this update, all data sent to us (and all the generated documents) were held on our server for up to 4 hours.  .. Continue Reading

Prince 10 Is Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Prince 10 is now available for all DocRaptor PDF customers. You can use the version attribute in your API calls, or simply change your default version to 10 to take advantage of new features and better performance today!

You can find your current default Prince version in on your settings page, right under your API key... Continue Reading

Running Javascripts Before Generating PDFs

So maybe you want to use Javascript to spice up your PDFs prior to generating them. Many of our users need to generate PDF documents with more complicated output than HTML and CSS support. DocRaptor’s Javascript support to the rescue! Running arbitrary Javascript in your document prior to creating it is incredibly simple... Continue Reading

HTTP Timeout Option

Most DocRaptor customers have complete control over the assets they use in their assets, but one of our newer customers is aggregating content from a variety of marketing material. All of the assets from that material may or may not be available. Bloomingdale’s is not going to keep their May, 2012 email marketing content online forever... Continue Reading