Author: Tyler Moore

Is your document less than perfect? We can help!

DocRaptor has fantastic support for modern HTML and CSS, but it’s easy to run into issues when you’re creating PDFs instead of web pages. Maybe you’re having a problem with a generated table of contents, setting the correct page size, or getting a troublesome table to align correctly. Our help center has the answers to those questions and more! .. Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, DocRaptor!

Happy Birthday, DocRaptor!

Your favorite PDF and XLS generation service turned five years old today! Five years is a LONG time on the internet, and we realized we’d never told DocRaptor’s origin story.


Take a trip with us, into the past. The year was 2010, and Expected Behavior was a younger company... Continue Reading

Setting Image Opacity with CSS

We’ve just deployed an update to DocRaptor that adds support for the opacity property on image elements, support for 16-bit TIFF images and a bug fix for SVG image elements.

Hungry for more details? Keep reading!

Image Opacity Support

You can now set opacity levels on images in your generated PDFs using CSS... Continue Reading

Our New Help Request Feature

Let’s talk about our new help request feature!

Here’s what a typical support request chain looks like: a user has a problem, and emails support. We receive the email, then request extra information, usually a doc log ID and the input HTML. The user provides this information, and then we can start solving the problem... Continue Reading

Making Printable PDFs Just Got Easier

We’ve recently made some changes to DocRaptor that make it much easier to generate easily printed PDFs: fully customizable crop marks and transparency support for TIFF images!

You can now completely customize the length and offset of your crop marks, allowing you to create a trim area on each PDF that will match printer specifications exactly... Continue Reading

A Better Dashboard, Part I – Your Document Usage

Tracking how many documents you’re making just got a lot easier! We’ve been overhauling the design of our user dashboard, and we’re excited to talk about how these changes can help you. Let’s get started by taking a look at your usage page!

More useful document generation stats

If you guys like meters and charts, I’ve got great news for you... Continue Reading

Convert HTML5 to PDF with DocRaptor!

DocRaptor is now running Prince 9.0 in production, which adds full HTML5 support, better CSS3 support and faster Javascript. Many of our users have asked about support for HTML5 (the canvas element in particular) and we’re excited about this update.

All new accounts will default to using Prince 9.0. If you’re an existing user and you’d like to add HTML5 elements to your PDFs, you’ll need to log in and update your default Prince version setting... Continue Reading

RAZUR Case Study

We’ve recently been working with a client who needed to implement dynamic PDF generation across multiple marketing pages. This was an interesting use for DocRaptor, and we thought it was a great opportunity for a case study. Chris Merkle, CEO of RAZUR, was kind enough to share his story with us... Continue Reading

What if Debugging was Easier?

We just made it a lot easier to prototype with DocRaptor! We’ve implemented a new feature that will email errors to you when a PDF or XLS file fails to generate as expected. This feature makes it simpler for new users to implement high quality PDF and Excel generation, as well as helping our established users deal with unexpected problems... Continue Reading